GRAFTER - a hard worker

GRAFTISM - the positive behaviour and attitudes that stem from a strong commitment to hard work (GRAFT) and loyalty amongst hard workers (GRAFTERS)

We live in an instant gratification kind of society, but goals take time to achieve. Nothing worth having comes easy, it takes hard work and dedication. Our culture attracts hard workers (Grafters), we support each other, we champion the process, we believe that hard work pays off, and that maximises results.

Everyone has the ability to inspire themselves and others, we can all promote positive values, energy and relationships. The clothing we wear, the equipment we use and the supplements we consume can make an impact way beyond their intended purpose. What you wear represents your beliefs, what you believe in drives what you do, and what you do determines what you achieve.

Graftism is a culture, a community. We believe that if you dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people you can achieve anything you want to. Our community was born at our gym in Watford (London, UK) and since then we've connected with people all over the globe sharing the same values. We know there are many more of you and we're excited about growing this global family.